Afternoon boat tour by the Andratx coast

Embark on a magical journey with our Afternoon Tour on the Margarita Boat.

Sailing along the picturesque coast of Andratx, we invite you to immerse yourself in the serenity of the sunset.

Enjoy the hypnotic contrasts of light dancing on the cliffs, while the crystal clear water reflects the last rays of the sun.

We will anchor in an idyllic cove, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, good music and the pleasure of sipping your favorite drink. Join us for a unique experience, where every sunset becomes an unforgettable masterpiece.



Duration 2H

+ 1 Drink (water, beer, soft drink or sangria)

Snorkeling equipment.

Insurance and taxes.


Transfers to/from hotel

Extra food and drinks



Activity for all ages. Children from 0 to 2 years old free. Children from 3 to 12 years old at half price. Ask for conditions and characteristics at the main booth.

The time shown represents the total time of the activity (from loading to unloading).


We recommend to be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start of the activity:

Departure from Port Andratx in fron of bar Cappuccino

 The crew will arrive 10 minutes before boarding time, please wait at that meeting point, then enjoy the activity.



- Does the tour start and end at the same place?

The answer is YES. The tour starts and ends in the same place, however we are always subject to weather conditions.

- What do I do when I have arrived at the meeting point?

Just wait for a crew member to pick you up a few minutes before the tour starts. The meeting point can be found by searching for "Sa Calma Boats Andratx" on Google Maps or Google Maps (depending on where the activity takes place).

The meeting point is not an office.

- I don't think I will be able to arrive on time, what do I do?

We always recommend to arrive 15 minutes before the meeting point, in case of not arriving on time you can inform and we will try to relocate the departure whenever possible by availability and schedules. The company is not responsible for late arrival to the activity for external reasons.

- What happens if the weather is bad?

If the Captain decides that it is not possible to depart because the conditions imply a risk for the passengers or the boat, an attempt will be made to relocate to another departure. Only if the activity is cancelled and there is no possibility of finding an alternative date will the money be refunded. We strongly recommend that clients always come to the meeting point unless they receive contrary information from Sa Calma Boats.

General conditions

The package offered as "all inclusive", includes the corresponding insurance, skipper, gasoline and any safety equipment required by the Maritime Law. VAT is included in the final price.

The reservations confirmed with payment will be named and with tracer, they cannot be given, sold or transferred to a third person; only in the case that a member of the family due to illness cannot make use of the service prior written notification to SaCalmaBoats, another member of the family can make use of it.

Reservations are final and without discount by SaCalmaBoats, unless for any technical circumstance of force majeure or weather conditions make it impossible for the nautical activity to take place. In this case, SaCalmaBoats reserves the right to modify the timetable, the date or, if applicable, the discount of the amount received from the user.

For obvious reasons of organization, customer satisfaction, quality of service and respect for all customers on board, it is the responsibility and obligation of the customer with a reservation to take the necessary measures to arrive before and on time at the reserved time of the activity/activities at the place indicated in the reservation. In case of delay of the client with the reservation, his/her seat(s) may be occupied by other people and/or the activity in progress; in these cases the client will not be entitled to any refund and/or compensation. Out of high season SaCalmaBoats will try to change this or these reservations for another trip only when possible and without any obligation of the result.

All persons undertaking any SaCalmaBoats activity are obliged to accept and respect the marine rules and safety rules indicated on the main kiosk and/or indicated by SaCalmaBoats staff.

All rights reserved. Reprinting, even partial and unauthorized use, without the written consent of SaCalmaBoats is strictly forbidden.

The management reserves the right to modify any type of document, conditions of the products offered or prices at any time without prior notice.

(*) Complete time of the activity, i.e.: embarkation, departure from the port, activity, entrance to the port and disembarkation.

Cancel conditions

The client can cancel his reservation up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund.

The routes and schedules of the activities may be affected by weather and/or technical reasons, or even be suspended, without any right to compensation. Whenever possible, an alternative day will be offered.

The skipper of the boat will be the one to make the decision to accept or reject the client for reasons of safety in the activity (complexion/age, weather, disability or pregnancy).